Fidson, Nigeria

Application: Injectables & Solid Dosage
Capacity: 6000 litres per hour

About the Project

The Fidson Nigeria project seemed like a regular water optimisation project with a total TDS of under 330 ppm which could be resolved with a single pass RO. Until our testing and analysis revealed that the pH of the water was too low (5.2 in this instance). When the pH balance is this low, you have to additionally dose the pH to mass balance the water which takes the TDS to above 500.

The client therefore required a double pass RO which none of our competitors had realised. While our cost of the project was higher than the competition all of whom quoted for a single pass RO, we saved the client a lot of money by correctly diagnosing the requirement and preventing future plant failure and loss of business. We also installed RO to minimise reject water.


  • Pre treatment
  • Softening plant
  • Double pass reverse osmosis
  • RO System
  • Electrodeionization unit
  • Post ultra filtration
  • High purity water distribution system

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